Chopard novelties @Baselworld 2012

When you write during Baselworld 2012, you don't have time for reading, and you sometimes have some very good surprises when you discover some watches, as it was the case on Chopard's booth. Unexpectedly, Chopard achieves an excellent show in a globally dull Baselworld 2012.

As our most loyal readers certainly know, the team Watchonista has been positively impressed by the Chopard Engine One Tourbillon fitted with the caliber L.U.C 1TRM.
This watch was an aesthetic and technical success, because it was entirely built around its movement.

Tudor novelties live from Baselworld 2012

Tudor Pelagos & Black Bay @ Baselworld 2012: Review & analysis.

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Singapore a watch collector's paradise

Singapore a watch collector's paradise:

An article from Vox of Antiquorum

Texts by Marco Gabella.

Pictures by:

Peter Chong

Harrry Sk Tan

Today, it's the 29/02, the Perpetual Calendar day!

The most beautifuls QP of the past 4 years, the history of the QP and tons of photos on Watchonista


My favorite one of the most beautiful and exclusive QP of watchmaking, for a price that leaves room for the dream:

Harry Winston Ocean Sport Ladies' Chronograph

A winter wonder with ice blue and pure white shades, the Harry Winston’s Ocean Sport™Lady is as unique as a snow flake can be.
Indeed, this chronograph offers an avalanche of subtle and intriguing mixes, which gives it a very eclectic and adaptable personality.
Starting with the rounded watchcase made of an aluminum and zirconium alloy, introduced in the watchmaking industry by the Harry Winston manufactory, during the development of the Project Z series: the Zalium™. As hard as ice, difficult to polish, but so ethereal: it is a feat of weightlessness!

MB&F Mad Gallery, a boutique from beyond.

Once again, MB&F is the main subject of the winter-buzz, when the new watchmaking strives to build a concept and a story around its creations, Max Busser & Friends appear as Stakhanovites of the alternative-horological concept.


The favorites 2011 watches of the Watchonista team.

Favorite watch of:
The Patek Philippe Aquanaut GMT 5164 rekindled the flame of the Patek enthusiasts who have sometimes rejected the Aquanaut. The major reason for this love loss for the basic Aquanaut is that it is devoid of lugs. These hinges, which are featured on the Nautilus, are designed to keep the case watertight and slim.
The buttons on the left side radically change the aesthetics, by drawing their inspiration from the Nautilus, the other sports icon from Patek.

Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 3 review.

The most explosive “ highlight “ of these Genevan festivities was not in a hotel, at the GTE or at the SIHH.
It was presented absolutely “ off the record “, directly at the Harry Winston manufactory, located at Plan-Les-Ouates, during the “Histoire de Tourbillon 3” presentation.
It is the blast of this “ Wonder Week “, when creativity seems to be rather idle; this “Histoire de Tourbillon 3” arrives with audacity and comes seamlessly after the outstanding Opus Eleven of Baselworld.

The GMT, the first complicated Greubel Forsey?

Stricto Sensu, a large Power reserve or a tourbillon are not complications.
Complications are defined as extra functions, not as improvements of the HMS functionalities.

Besides a flimsy power reserve and in spite of a superlative work of builders, Steven Forsey and Robert Greubel had never added complications to their horologic cathedrals. Even a quadruple or double technical tourbillons did not bring any extra functionality, despite their outstanding accuracy (CF the victory at the Chronometry contest).

[SIHH 2012] Officine Panerai, after the bomb.

World Poker Tour. Last year, I had announced flat out (no bluff at PifPaf’s) that it would be the Officine’s best year.
Incidentally, the title of the article was « the apogee ». Unless there‘s a miracle (but it is just a business), one would inevitably be disappointed.
This year’s disappointment is relative, because we are far from the perigee, and it is even the most interesting SIHH of Panerai since 2006 (except for 2011, of course).

Watchonista @ Geneva Time Exhibition

Since Richemont stopped participating in BaselWorld, the consequences are numerous and surprise us at every edition.
More and more similar events take place during the SIHH week… It makes sense.
Because the Swiss watchmaking, 95% French-speaking, embarks on an illogical transhumance toward the German-Switzerland every spring.
The wish to relocate was real, but there were no coordinator and no site to do so.


[SIHH 2012] Roger Dubuis, la Pulsion pics & report!

For this SIHH 2012, the tendency instilled by Georges Kern the previous year gains momentum. Thus, the corollary of a general tendency that involves the whole industry (especially automotive engines and computer technologies), far beyond watchmaking, is that we are witnessing an overall downsizing. This tendency, inspired by obvious ecological necessities, corresponds also to the comeback of a certain conservatism from the “30 glorious”.


Tag Heuer Mikrogirder reinventing the regulator



Simpler, faster and more efficient than science dreamed possible, impervious to gravity and dramatically reducing isochronous error, potentially easier to manufacture and able to precisely measure time to a phenomenal 5/10,000th of a second today, and probably even more precisely tomorrow…

Harry Winston: Histoire de Tourbillon 3

No machine on Earth demonstrates time quite like the tourbillon. Indeed it could be the most sophisticated physical depiction of an abstract notion ever developed by man.

This hypnotic, rotating and oscillating mechanical world reveals multiple facets of time: its unfailing regularity, its intricacy, its inevitability and a culture oftime measurement as old as humanity.