100% People, Christie's Auction 15/05/11.

After the post on the best watches in the Geneva Auction of 15/05/11:
Alex realized for use a live report directly from the auction.

The purpose of today's post is to share with all of you a bit of ambiance of the afternoon session of last Christie's auction! Enjoy!

Dear friends getting ready for the afternoon session... Mr Peter Hillary , Philipp Stahl and his wife and Didier Gottardini from Argus des Montres:


Philipp Stahl and the always lovely Nathalie Montbaron from Christie's

Rolex6238 Ying / Yang???

Alexander & Nathalie Montbaron 6238'nized

Mr. Aurel Bacs in action!

That's how the Rolex Submariner collector is waiting patiently to make his bid....


Very cool Rolex 6105... In pink gold from our friend Eric KU of http://www.10pastten.com/inventory/details.php?item_id=TA486

Daytona Forever:

Eric Ku and Matthew Bain:  http://www.matthewbaininc.com/post/geneva-spring-auction-season-may-2011

Daytona Fever:

Philipp Stahl's special Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer number 88/88 was finally sold for $ 104,568!!!. Excellent result and the revenues of the sale will go entirely to the Hillary and Tenzing family foundations. Well done!

Check our previous post:  http://blog.watchonista.com/blog/hillary-tenzing-explorer-rolex-philipp-...

Philipp, Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay with the buyer (happy Men and great Panerai PAM339).

A very concentrated Gregory Pons...  The good student always seats on the first row... right?: http://www.businessmontres.com/


Next report this autumn!




I like! Beau reportage les

I like! Beau reportage les garçons :)

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