Agenhor, search for consistency, Part 2/2


Agenhor works with many houses, I obviously cannot mention all of them, they prefers to claim to the in-house manufacture, but some have the courage of the transparency, for example:


Arnold is a house about which we speak too occasionally, they makes magnificents watchs referring to marine chronometers, even if the theme is a little worn down at the heel, it deserves a certain legitimacy.

And is anyway far less hackneyed and more legitimate than endless automobile associations , Arnold were besides one of claiming brands this long-time inheritance.


Moreover the presence of Agenhor proves well the seriousness of this brand which in known how to hold a certain reserve in price lists, a sober aesthetics as Navitimer and certains watches very complicated enough In mind of the complications Celestial bodies / Cardinal direction / tide like Ulysses Nardin, while preserving an aesthetics less bozo the clown.


Let you guide by it on WatchO:



Another accomplishment, which has met with unprecedented success for a pieces with a stratospheric price and a design / complications no less from outher space, it's a wager.

Opus9, it is primarily a perfectly managed project, in the spirit that Max Busser had instilled into the series Opus for Harry Winston.

Design of Eric Giroud, which exceeds widely the frameof design, even sharp, of usual watchmaking, and which borrows from the best of the contemporary design, a delirious complication, a simplicity of conception and a precision of implementation that the secret hold by Agenhor. The sapphire hollowed in the center was so difficult to produce that it was necessary to appeal to the Japanese.

And naturally, jewels of the proper size on are so difficult to find in large number that the production slowing oftently...


Some views on the functioning of the movement, the system is finally very simple, the energy goes out in a classic way of an automatic movement GP, and is sent back by the appropriate wheels to the chains of stones.

All the difficulty consists in the precise assembly of links, especially as the teeth of the linksare laid in continuous, it does not have to not remain of space between each link, a headache to assemble!!



I talked with Max Busser, MB&F is a client of Agenhor with the HM3, my favorite, the most atypical, the most « UFO », however, I have to see the HM4 in the metal …


He HM3 « Frog » will kidnap you on Watch-UFO-ista:



Also on the HM2 :


And of course, the poetical Pont des Amoureux, as mentioned previously


(You can falling in love of this watch on Watchonista: )



Let’s go back on this watch which rewarded Agenhor’s work in the watchmaking microcosm.

My small anlysis of this Poetic collection that I've produced for another article:



" VCA Poetic Collections are an alternative felted message too the actual raucous post-Hummer design with its Big Bang and Concord designed like tanks ( big screws, its «authentic» caoutchouc, its highly technical metals,etc.) in an involuntary Cyberpunk style.


VCA gets back to the first nostalgia – the rebirth of mechanical watchmaking.

In this sense, VCA magnifies the concept of neo-classical mechanical watchmaking. This passion for mechanical watches, is a nostalgia on the days of our ancestors, when we still believed in the future.

The creation of the Poectic collection is the essence of this nostalgia, in an exercise of poetic style, enchanting, idyllic, magical.

This choice is very clever, because it relies on the melancholy fiber widespread among watch enthusiasts.


Poetry: Opposed to the vulgar insolence of an era, VCA prefers the discreete elegance of the poet.


Enchantment: The science, the technology, the light, made God (and supernaturalforce ) obsolete, the forces of nature are just too tame. Finally, pagan pre-monotheistic values seem to be a refuge for all this technological power. Which symbol could be more positive than the fairy to symbolize the old forces of nature?


Bucolic: Especially through the Folie des Prés watch, or the fairy video performed by Laurent Piccioto, we can the notice that the message of VCA is bucolic.

As well as for Le Pont des Amoureux which borrow its identity to « Sisi Impératrice », we guess fields of golden wheat and green forests full of magic in the background.

This bucolic, is concomitant with the rise of environmental concerns !


Melancholy, nostalgia: In a changing world, decried traditional values are now a shelter.

Now, the art used by VCA for the decoration of its watches is a new form of neo-classicism, soothing to end customers sometimes stressed by the weight of days.


Femininity: the femininity of VCA watches opposes directly to the phallic presumptuousness of brands full of mat metals, of protean screws, of "authentic" caoutchouc,

The femininity of VCA watches, it is not the feminism, it is the eternal feminine of Romy Schneider in Sisi.


Magic: Through complications made by Agenhor among others, and thanks to the "elastic teeth", the magic is here.

While the other Jewellers are just reducing and setting men watches, VCA smartly sets its watches, using exclusive complications plates mounted beneath exceptional enamel dials.

VCA’s jewelry complications, are more than decorative, they ares functional.

The addition of beauty and functionality is the beginning of the magic watchmaking.


Through these values, VCA knows how to reach the child who is in us and its original onirism."


By practicing a form of welfare capitalism, finally rather retrograde (such as hands, haha), like the Menier Chocolate, or la Tour du Pin theorized (whose theories inspire the ideological basis of the Social Catholicism of De Gaulle), an best social, that we can find in Sweden or at Google, Agenhor handles the most powerful whip: the respect and a happy employee is a more productive, who shall make fewer mistakes, this will also avoid painful and costly return for repair.


The desire to leave the minimum ecological footprint is also evident. Conservation of nature, of people, and a certain watch culture. It is somewhat the opposite of the culture of very high frequency, of very large power reserve, of the culture of the factsheet as a keyselling point. Finally, it is of great consistency with the values conveyed through the fairy VCA’s storytelling that could exist in the world of Agenhor; far from a dying nature in a post hysterical world plowed by SUV motorized like battletanks ...


As it says in the tittle.

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