[BaselWorld 2010] Corum for wait the report on 2011.

I'am currently writing the article about the Corum BaselWorld 2011, to wait, remember 2010:  

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I was welcomed by Corum at Basel.

The major novelty (by any means) is the “Diver”, 1000m, titanium, I find it is a very fine piece, and even the overly wide inter-lug of 24mm is compensated by the great design of the case.

The bezel makes the “Admirals Cup” version look even nicer, with a very good overall finish.

It features a caliber 7750.

This is beautiful watch that can compete with the other “Divers” such as “Panerai Subzilla”, “Breitling Seawolf” or “Eterna Kon Tiki Diver”, and does even better than the “Big Bzng King” or the “SDDS Rolex”...

The price? Around 6500€.



The other sport novelty is a new version of the “Admirals Cup”, the design and finish are not my cup of tea, but the complication is really funny: “Mono-pusher chronograph central”, with the hands of minutes and seconds on the central shaft. At 9 o’clock stands the “little second” dial, and at 3 o’clock the date aperture.

Even if my charming host denied it, the basis of the movement is a 7750 (not ETA I think), fitted with an additional module.





There is a version for women, with some extra Jewels and proposed at a more than attractive price . The mechanism is a basic 7753.




You have waited for it patiently, here it comes:

the new “T-Bridge” , which could be one of the finest watches of Basel; If only they could replace the poor case-back, which is totally plain and dull, by something fancier... I’d prefer a totally transparent surface: I could see my arm through the watch. But for those who don't like this kind of solution, a case-back in engraved metal or any other interesting material would be more suitable for such a piece.

It is a pity, because the watch over-Roxx: it is absolutely beautiful, the finish is perfect, and I love the way it feels on my wrist.

Let’s hope that the next version will be proposed with two options for the case-back: transparent or full metal.

With a pricing at around 10000€, it is definitely a great deal.



Titanium case, brushed or polished, 42x41mm, 21600a/h, simply awesome.




There’s also a women version: nothing to say, it looks amazing on my host’s wrist. I wish I could afford to buy one for my wife, some day (I still have to meet her…)





I have to say I like Corum, they try things and sometimes manage to get out of the boring “Swiss Industrial horology” box, with truly original products.

This year is probably not the best one in this respect, but as it is the case for many brands, the quality and overall design improve season after season. They create more up-to-date watches, the pieces customers are waiting for. As for the prices, even they are not the lowest on the market in this category, they remain realistic for such products. That’s great.

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