[BaselWorld] Patek 2011 novelties, live pics.

There are the big movie festivals like Césars, Cannes or the very small ones i.e.Cognac or Sundance.
Here I come to attend the Oscars. Quite simply. The stars, spangles, flashes awaking epilepsy, and luxury before all.
Patek Philippe. I walk out with my traditional Zegna tie, but especially with plenty of photographs of so much awaited Patek Philippe hot watch news.

To begin with 5208, Patek’s superlative, an Oscar for the best film, triple complication, QP, chronograph, but overall (or underall) minute repeater.
To understand this watch and its right value, I needed the opinion of an expert, a collector, a person whose family has handed down Patek from generation to generation. By chance, an important collector of watchonista community corresponds the best to my demanding quest.

Here, there is the explanation that I report you, opinion of the expert: " Patek managed to join together its most beautiful complications and install them just into one single watch: monopusher chronograph and instantaneous perpetual calendar with aperture displays (understand less than one second), but especially a complication which was reconsidered and came in the front of the watch scene (in particular at JLC or Vacheron), the minute repeater.Patek joined these emblematics complications in a case which is perfectly balanced between the classicism and the sport chic (important consideration for men in their thirty) "

I would add that in a case of 42mm/15, with the perfectly mastered curves, the scent of ingenuity of this timepiece is found in its aesthetic balance and harmony of these proportions in spite of the thickness of the movement. The base comprises a movement of Patek minute repeater on which two plates of complications are topped up, the chronograph in the medium and the QP on the top.

This type of layering has been already seen since many years, but generally, the cases are hypertrophied, very little adapted to elegant watches. (Huge paradox - Panerai with its large cases would wonderful embark these grand complications, but Panerai, it is like Rolex, it's complication-free).

The price of this elegant creature 845.000,- CHF excl. tax. Finally, it’s very reasonable price for a blockbuster like this one.

Oscar for the best masculine role (a watch for our friend Charlie Sheen, the watch, not the Oscar) goes without any doubt to 5164, Aquanaut GMT, a product that shoots itself perfectly among the traditional watches of the sport chic range of Patek by proposing a complete watch, with its innovative esthetics.

To drop a final world about this watch taking after Aquanaut (its dial, its middle) as much as Nautilus; the buttons of adjustment of the time zones give an intermediate aesthetic effect, between Nautilus and l' Aquanaut, it is the most brilliant one. I always regretted the absence of "ears" on Aquanaut, even if I love the dial " tablet of chocolate".

What was forgotten was repaired, the missing parts were found, the drama was avoided; the complication is greatly treated, under the central dial (of the days) very maliciously arranged. In short, a great success, much more accessible than the 5208, a complex watch, as well by its diversity as its functions, as by its timelessness, although, the is a small regret of my part the size was designed to 40mm, I would like to see it in 42 or 43mm.

Following the best scenario, a remake of the thirties, no, not Scarface, but caliber 96, the new 5216 comes to present itself directly in the range bellow the 5208 (dixit the pitch). Extremely elegant retrograde QP, amazing tourbillon and minute repeater, slightly increased size to border with 40mm, the dial finish makes me think a lot of the most beautiful Vacheron Constantin, eternal discussions on the mutual inspirations; the Patek’s touch is shown through some elegant details, closed dial with tourbillon at the place of opening, but especially date retrograde at 270°, typically Swiss.

The competition in the best feminine role nomination was tough. Finally, I would vote for 7059R, equipped with caliber very close to the 5959, namely a chronograph with split second and monopusher profits from a fabulous work on the caliber, the sobriety of the dial contrasts in a surprising way with the decorative tone of the small caliber CH 27-525 PS.

Patek opens royal lane with this great complication for ladies, between the decorativeness of Van Cleef & Arpels at the SIHH, and a certain number of very high-end innovations dedicated to the female customers at the BaselWorld. It seems that the romantic comedies have a bright future!

Another star, it is the 7000, a minute repeater, a caliber that was largely remade so that it is able to fit in the very female case of 33 mm, like all big stars (7059R included), it is a small woman!

The most promising young actress, was undoubtedly this Nautilus nacre dial, the treatment of the mother-of-pearl stripes leaves us astonished by its beauty; the work perfectionism – the case of this watch:

In watchmaking industry as well as in the cinema, there are Divas and Starlets a must, we remain at Patek, not at Golan&Globus or ED Wood, therefore, all remains as always very classy, very traditional:






The Oscar for the best supporting actor would go to the 5270, on the basis the chronograph movement of the 5170 presented the last year completed by a module QP:

Remakes, series, spin-offs, and other trilogies are inspired much by Dino Rissi or Pasolini like the last apocalyptic film made in Hollywood:







The festival is over. The eyes full of flashes; I pack the photo material, the next fans of these great timepieces are flocked in the Basel temple of watch industry, the dream machine of Swiss watchmaking industry, with a serene future in front of it!

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