[BaselWorld] Sinn, is not sinful.

BaselWorld, the SIHH, the diverse horologic events, it’s a luxury fair, a debauchery of logistics, the superlative as a norm, the profit margins are as ample as the physical attributes of the hostesses, we are far from the industrial rigidity of areas such as information technology or mass market automotive.
However, a brand does its utmost to slash prices, to set the cat among the pigeons of the Helvetian horology, to practice Teutonic hard discount in the middle of the Swiss deli.
This brand is Sinn. Usually, the price matches the quality level. At Sinn’s, the dream is directly affordable, the purchase can be compulsive without risking divorce.
This year, for its 50th birthday, Sinn treated us with a few very attractive novelties.
One of the 5 watches that most impressed me during this event (CF Bâle Atomic) is undoubtedly the Sinn EZM-7. Unlike its competitors, this model is priced far below the usual 150k€, which is a great asset for the immediate satisfaction of an imperious watch-craving.

This watch presents a far too rare particularity: its overall theme as well as the lettering of its dial were not inspired by any « repression service » such as army or police.
The design was inspired by an extremely popular group : the Firefighters !!
In the same line as the EZM-4(withouth the 5100 Lemania though), the EZM-7 was definitely created for professional use.
Designed for firefighters, and by extension for all who step in during catastrophic events , the central part of the dial and the crown are meant to display mission critical information, such as maximum intervention times, with indicators adapted to the type of protection employed (oxygen mask and canister, airtight jumpsuit, etc.) and the harmfulness of the environment , such as fire, bio-hazard, radioactivity, etc.
The counter is very easy to set, it only takes a rotation of the crown until the chosen mark faces the minute hand, as on a scuba-diver’s watch.

The case is made of the famous « tegimented » steel from Sinn (diffusion of carbon into the surface of the steel + bead blasting or acid etching frosted finish). This material achieves an impressive 1200 Vickers in hardness, to be compared to the 200Hv usually encountered in horology : I’ve doggedly tested the case with my Leatherman knife, achieving no scratches, nothing…

Wrist-band and case present a perfect finish, a beautiful work indeed, even if a little heavy; Extremely comfortable to wear, the back is Nickel-free, great news for people allergic to this metal ( they must avoid the stainless steel wristband version though)

The dial and crown bring lots of charm to this watch, the intense coloring somewhat softening the austerity of the product, a successful mix between Jamaica and Germany.
By the way, speaking of Jamaica, the watch is fitted with a 28-93 GMT 24hours displayed with a hollowed hand.
A regret concerning the mechanism : I wish it had carried one more complication linked to the countdown purpose of the watch or to another function related to Firefighting
The other regret relates to the Luminova finish of the indicators, which could have been better.
On the other hand, the utilization of a simple mechanism helped to maintain the price tag at around 2000€.

On WatchO EZM7: http://www.watchonista.com/sinn/watches/ezm-7

In other respects, the stylistic mix displayed on this watch brings to mind the aesthetics that made the Rolex GMT a success, with a more updated size and finishing. It is logical, since both these watches were designed by professional specifications.
In the end, it is a great achievement, that oversteps the austere touch of Sinn, and for me, it was a « love at first sight » case, I might as well treat myself to one…
As the brand celebrates its 50th birthday, their classic 358 is revamped with a gray iridescent dial, color that was usually reserved for the premium watches made of Platinum or grey Gold. This finish is becoming more and more accessible, much to our delight.
Taking a picture of this watch was a nightmare because of its shimering dial, the owners should rejoice with such a shiny item on their wrist…

With a diameter of 40mm and a considerable thickness induced by the modified 7750 mechanism, the watch has less harmonious proportions than the EZM-7 (it gains in thickness what it loses in diameter).
However, it is waterproof up to 100m ( like the next models) and resists to low pressures aka high altitudes, which makes sense, since the watch was designed for pilots.


On WatchO 358: http://www.watchonista.com/sinn/watches/358-anniversary

This timekeeper will make fans of this brand happy, especially those who wanted to buy a 358 and will be able to get a luxurious special anniversary one.
Sinn also produced a declination of the 6100 Regulator with the version 6110, with a classic 2 hand display : when Sinn starts making Stowa, it is better than Stowa
Chunky watches halfway between a Stowa Marine and a Portuguese IWC.
Above all, it is probably one of the finest « thin rehaut » watches on the market (Navitimer, Portugaise, Arnold,etc.),and at any rate it is the one with the best  price/quality ratio.





On WatchO 6110: http://www.watchonista.com/sinn/watches/6110-classic-4n

Even if the Unitas finishing is unsatisfactory (I am not even sure it is the best quality ETA can achieve), let’s keep in mind we are in the realm of horologic « hard discount ».
The « guillochage » of the dial is surprizingly well crafted, and compensates for the poor quality of the Unitas and of the indicators, relief printed, disturbingly so...
The best choice is probably the stainless steel model, more coherent with the « hard discount ».
Finally, a funny model, GDR inspired, the Sinn 902, which looks like the result of a partnership between Trabant and Sinn, and nonetheless would be a refreshing alternative to the usual alliances with automakers such as Ferrari or Aston-Martin…


On WatchO 902: http://www.watchonista.com/sinn/watches/sinn-902

With 34x10mm, it’s a small cube with a refreshing « totaly 70’s » look, , definitelly GDR, with the geometric case, the thick indicators and the orange slide ; One downside though : the price, which at around 1500€ seems a little high compared to the rest of the models which are more in line in terms of prices. But one doesn’t count when having fun.
Sinn achieved an excellent show, with a complete and original range of products, that covers many styles with a few models, all without altering the brand’s image.
This product oriented strategy, aimed at a great price/quality ratio, should inspire other Swiss watchmakers.
This presentation leaves me with a crazy desire to hit the road towards Frankfort to purchase my magnificent EZM-7.

On the WForum: http://www.watchonista.com/1619/malik-bahri/baselworld-sinn-not-sinful

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