[Exclusivity] New Mille Miglia Chopard:

or more than twenty years, the « Mille Miglia » race has been the flagship of numerous partnerships held between horology and motorsports.

Nowadays, the Mille Miglia (round Italy road rally) is the continuation of the fierce « Gran Turismo » competition that stopped in 1957. Unlike the original race (1927-1957) which caused several fatalities, the actual event takes place with consideration for the population and for the Transalpine heritage. The target is perfect timing rather than pure speed, the fundamental notion of timekeeping, that only the best mechanisms can achieve.

A tribute to the gorgeous machines of this era, the Mille Miglia road rally mirrors Europe’s history, which, after fury, commotion and struggle, now pays a resounding tribute to the cultural heritage of the continent.

This year, Chopard presents new chronographs, fitted with the conventional and ultra-reliable Valjoux 7750, equipped with a split chronograph for certain versions. All the models are 44mm in diameter and are water-resistant up to 100m. Their overall thickness is restrained, as the Golden ratio proportions are respected and the balance enhanced by shapely middles.

On the WForum:

Dedicated to the beauty of Italian automotive, the Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono Rosso Corsa is a tribute to this Red, first used by Alpha Romeo and ultimately by Ferrari. This color is to the Italian automotive bodywork what the « English Racing Green » is to British automotive.

On WatchO: http://www.watchonista.com/index.php?page=watch&wid=12350

With its classic livery, steel-made as always, the Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono is my favorite of this presentation.

The engine-turned PVD-coated dial reminds me of the « greasy » look of some of the engines of the 50’s-60’s.

Wise choice regarding watches dedicated to vintage automotive, when the appearance of the modern engines has lost in appeal what it has gained in performance.

Watchonista: http://www.watchonista.com/index.php?page=watch&wid=12364

In pink gold, superb wristband, traditional « tire-patterned » rubber :

On the watch site WatchO: http://www.watchonista.com/index.php?page=watch&wid=12365

Finally, although it does not belong with the Mille Miglia line, the most surprising, the Super Fast Split Second, limited edition, split chronograph, PVD finish.

Many improvements, full back, vulcanized rubber buttons, date indicated by hand in the counter at 3 o’clock and of course the split chronograph controlled by the red button at 8 o’clock.

This time, the design is more borrowed from that of the pioneering cars, hence the name « Super Fast ».

Chopard made a perfect choice with the involvement in a vintage car race, as the Golden-Age of mass market horology took place during the post-war period. Finally, the technology displayed in today’s mechanical watches is similar to that used in the vintage cars, and prior to the 70’-80’ « Quartz crisis » era.

This positioning also provide the ability to get off the beaten path of the techno-design, of using industrial materials and the yoke of the « post-modernism ». Therefore, Chopard can devote itself to aesthetic tributes to the vintage automotive industry, through partnerships rarely seen during the post-war era (marketing has significantly improved since).

The Mille Miglia collection definitely has promises in terms of creative prospects.

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