[SIHH 2012] Officine Panerai, after the bomb.

World Poker Tour. Last year, I had announced flat out (no bluff at PifPaf’s) that it would be the Officine’s best year.
Incidentally, the title of the article was « the apogee ». Unless there‘s a miracle (but it is just a business), one would inevitably be disappointed.
This year’s disappointment is relative, because we are far from the perigee, and it is even the most interesting SIHH of Panerai since 2006 (except for 2011, of course).

Watchonista @ Geneva Time Exhibition

Since Richemont stopped participating in BaselWorld, the consequences are numerous and surprise us at every edition.
More and more similar events take place during the SIHH week… It makes sense.
Because the Swiss watchmaking, 95% French-speaking, embarks on an illogical transhumance toward the German-Switzerland every spring.
The wish to relocate was real, but there were no coordinator and no site to do so.


[SIHH 2012] Roger Dubuis, la Pulsion pics & report!

For this SIHH 2012, the tendency instilled by Georges Kern the previous year gains momentum. Thus, the corollary of a general tendency that involves the whole industry (especially automotive engines and computer technologies), far beyond watchmaking, is that we are witnessing an overall downsizing. This tendency, inspired by obvious ecological necessities, corresponds also to the comeback of a certain conservatism from the “30 glorious”.


Tag Heuer Mikrogirder reinventing the regulator



Simpler, faster and more efficient than science dreamed possible, impervious to gravity and dramatically reducing isochronous error, potentially easier to manufacture and able to precisely measure time to a phenomenal 5/10,000th of a second today, and probably even more precisely tomorrow…

Harry Winston: Histoire de Tourbillon 3

No machine on Earth demonstrates time quite like the tourbillon. Indeed it could be the most sophisticated physical depiction of an abstract notion ever developed by man.

This hypnotic, rotating and oscillating mechanical world reveals multiple facets of time: its unfailing regularity, its intricacy, its inevitability and a culture oftime measurement as old as humanity.

Panerai PAM382: Bronzo is the new Gonzo

These last months had become unbearable. I had the state of mind of a five year old on Christmas Eve.
At the beginning of November, a clusterf#ck about the delivery address made me blow a fuse.
After two extra weeks of waiting, (a kind of double penalty), the watch eventually arrived at the shipping facility in Geneva.

Blancpain X Fathoms live report & pics.

Any category of watch has its «Grail»complication.
If the sounding complications are the Grail of the dressed-up watches, the chronograph is that of the sports watches, the diver’s Grail is undoubtedly the depth gauge.
2007 was somewhat the year of the depth gauge wristwatch:
Yet, throughout this decade of horologic renewals, there have been few noticeable depth gauges.
Panerai, with its PAM193 and JlC with its Master Compressor Diving Pro Geographic, have presented two radically different Depth gauges, both of them frustrating.

More informations about the Rolex Daytona Red Dial

An article extract from Guido Mondani Editore, thanks for this precious informations:


Dear readers,

we have a very interesting news for you about the Daytona Paul Newman red dials.
This topic created many discussions and doubts between collectors, dealers and in the specialized forums.
Somebody says that these dials are fake, somebody that they are original and they spend a fortune to have this type of watch with the red dial.

Mechanical Wonders of Parmigiani @ New York

To attend a Sandoz collection exhibition, one of the finest old automat & timepiece collections, is like transcending one’s horologic culture.
Very often, when one sees the phenomenal prices reached during some horologic auctions, the question to be answered is the question of the sense. Meaning crisis?  Investment crisis? Values crisis?

Roger Dubuis La Monegasque Club

« La Monegasque » is a new collection created under Georges Kern’s leadership. It is Kern’s first accomplishment since he became CEO of the brand, in 2010. The collection was presented during the SIHH2011, in order to promote the renewal while remaining in the aesthetic path of Roger Dubuis. A great function took place in Monaco on Thursday, October 20, with « stars » attending, especially the creator Christian Louboutin, Daphne Guiness, Tomer Sisley and Richard Berry…

Blancpain X-Fathoms, the deepest profondimeter

Any category of watch has its «Grail»complication.
If the sounding complications are the Grail of the dressed-up watches, the chronograph is that of the sports watches, the diver’s Grail is undoubtedly the depth gauge.

Yet, throughout this decade of horological renewals, there have been few noticeable depth gauges.

MB&F Legacy Machine 1 Live Pics

After a few years of « new watchmaking », called « independent », certain concepts, or rather certain creators are at the end of their creative breath.
Some product lines spin in circles, the aficionados remain unsatisfied.
If the marketing fire power of the great brands enables them to sell despite their weak creativity, the small independent brands cannot hide their lack of inspiration behind a successful marketing campaign, or a puppet distribution network.

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