[Only Watch] Cyrus Klepcys amazing display

Cyrus is the name (Cyrus II in fact) of the conqueror of Babylon during the 5th century BC. Cyrus II, seeing the cultural and technical treasures of the ancient Babylon, decided not to burn the city (Babylonians, probably discovered the use of low voltage electricity for electrolysis, aka «Baghdad battery»).
He even offers a new development to the city by promoting commercial exchanges through money, a newly created concept that also facilitated tax collection…
Here is in substance the storytelling of Cyrus, which besides being original, is legitimized by the ownership of an ancient Babylonian coin, dating back to the period of the conquest and which features a lion and a bull; It is reproduced on the back of Cyrus watches.

If the storytelling is surprising, the complication fitted on the Klepcys is amazing.
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This complication was designed by Jean-Francois Mojon, the creator of «Chronode», a «Grand complications» workshop. Mojon recently made news as the designer of the Opus X with a planetary display.

If the Klepcys is visually less impressive than the Opus, its complication speaks for itself…
On the left 180° sector of the bezel unrolls the hours railway, where the retrograde hand slowly follows its path.
In the middle of the dial sit two concentric disks; the outer one displays the minutes, you will notice there is no arrow indicating the minutes, because this information is provided by the hour «hand». Thus, you learn the hour and minutes with a quick look on a single line.
This piece combines the advantages of digital display watches, for the fast time acquisition and the qualities related to a hands display, for its cartographic look. For example, the Klepcys featured on the photos indicates 23h33. Yes, 23h33 and not 11h33, because the difference between day and night is specified in an astute manner: the hour «hand» spins around to show a color corresponding to the day or the night. Arbitrarily, in this case the red is for the night and the white for the day. Both these colors are those of Monaco’s flag, and touches of red are seen on the central disk (seconds), which features the Cyrus logo, as well as on the figure «11» (hours).

The other 180° sector is occupied by the date and Moon phase. This date display is one of the most impressive amongst the recent horologic productions. The outer railway displays the units, and akin to that of the hours, the retrograde hand spins around to show the set of tens, in succession 0, 1, 2 and 3.
Thanks to this ingenious solution, Mojon solves one of the recurring brainteasers of Swiss watchmaking, bringing the date to the forefront without mimicking the «Grand date» of Saxon watchmaking.
Finally, the 3D Moon phase (different from De Bethune’s), features a display trick not totally ground-breaking, since it is found more particularly on the «Lunokhod» by Konstantin Chaykin.
Namely, the sphere that represents the Moon (whose reliefs are magnificently engraved), is stationary while a mobile hemispherical cover hides it more or less to indicate the phases. In terms of look, it is the less groundbreaking display complication (even though it is extremely rare) that stands out the most: the finely engraved gold contrasts sharply with the functionnal and moden look of the watch.

An industrial feel reinforced by a bulky 48mm case, grey gold for the case itself and DLC titanium for the bezel.

The design that sits halfway between a barrel and a cushion shape is quite original.
The two diametrically opposed crowns bring a symmetrical look to the watch, absolutely at odds with the total asymmetry of the dial; Thereby, even through its exterior the Klepcys shatters the classical esthetic codes.

The piece that was presented at GTE had been a little overshadowed (incredible for such a Moon phase) by the frenzy of the wonder week at SIHH, Geneva. Fortunately, Only Watch remains a formidable showcase for small brands. Cyrus offers his Klepcys for this edition, and although it is not a highly customized piece, this watch enchants us with its original display complication.

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