[Only Watch] Richard Mille RM 027 NADAL

In the manner of Patek Philippe, Richard Mille chose a different path than the ideal customized themes (Childhood, Monaco).
In exactly the same way as Patek, RM proposes a very technical watch, a complicated piece made of «non-noble» materials (Mille fights to de-correlate concepts such as «intrinsic value» and «precious metals»).It is basically a super-rare Only Watch, which offers even more total exclusivity to the sharpest among collectors. This watch, the prototype of a series of 50, accompanied the champion through his victories on several courts, especially that of Monaco (Tennis men usually play with the lightest possible equipment, and therefore do not wear watches).
The micro-scratches that cover the case’s carbon are the proof of these feats.

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When one takes the RM027 in one’s hand, the surprise is as huge as the watch feels light!
I am rather used to handling Richard Mille watches made of gold; Moreover, a RM «Tonneau» is a bulky and imposing watch, 48x40x12mm.
Therefore, when one grabs a RM of this kind, one instinctively puts more strength in one’s gesture than for an «ultra-slim»; but with the RM027 Nadal, I was afraid it might fly away! It weighs less than 20 grams with its wristband! Because of the contrast between its volume and its mass, one gets the impression it is lighter than a quartz powered Swatch «Skin»! However, don’t be mistaken, mechanically speaking, this piece sits far, far away from a «Skin»; The watch (2 hands) features a Tourbillon set at 21600 v/h.
When one could have expected a regulating organ made of Silicon/Titanium, Richard Mille chose reliability, with a system made of Nivarox/Glucydur, a material known for its resistance to violent shocks.
The Tourbillon features a 48h power reserve, and is powered by a barrel with optimized torque.

After the 29 grams of the RM009, the RM027 claims to be only 13 grams without the wristband!
It is undoubtedly the lightest mechanical watch ever.
To accomplish this feat, RM, iconoclastic as ever, utilized high-tech materials.
Here, the bridges are made of Lital and the plates of Titanium. Of course, the pieces are hollowed as much as possible in order to get rid of any unnecessary mass.
This hunt for the last gram also benefits the look, and when worn, the watch features an unbelievable depth perception.
It is truly a 3D watch, which unveils its clockwork without false modesty: one has the impression of attending a computer assisted technical presentation.
Even better! Whereas the architecture is relatively simple, the watch with its arachnidan movement seems far more complicated than its specification sheet leads us to believe, it is a horological paradox: complicated simplicity.

Of course, the «hunt for grams» makes no sense if the consequence is a loss of mechanical strength.
In order to test this sample in real conditions, the watch was entrusted to Raphael Nadal. The champion wore the piece during tournaments, in the worst possible conditions.
Despite Nadal’s (over)powerful strikes (he produces twice the average power of the other great players), the mechanism held on, without breaking, without stopping and without significant loss of accuracy.
Rare, world champion (the 13 gram limit will be difficult to lessen), complicated in its simplicity, framed like a rocket (the Lital is a high-tech material used in aviation industry), exuberant, the RM027 is an outstanding watch.
According to the laws of «auction mechanics», a feat or a celebrity is a multiplying factor for the final strike of the gavel. Therefore, this watch should fly over the auction and over boost the biddings at Only Watch. With Nadal’s sweat as a bonus.

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