[Only Watch] Vacheron Constantin perspectives d’art

There are obvious timepieces for this Only Watch auction, and there are subtle ones, watches that take time to appreciate and comment upon.

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Vacheron presents its « Métiers d’art ». The watch, with its « neo-classic » lines borrowed from the cases of the « Symbolique des laques » collection, is reminiscent of Patek’s or Vacheron’s productions from the 50’s.
The watch is animated by the 2460SC caliber, commonly used by Vacheron, and set at 28800 v/h with a 40-hour power reserve; Less common is the Geneva hallmark, which proves the quality of the finishes objectively.

Obviously, the dial is the exceptional feature of this watch. The press photos do not really do it justice, and only sunlight could fully reveal all of its subtleties. I voluntarily did some « badly burnt photos » to better enhance the details of the finishes.

To create this dial, the approach was participative, Vacheron brought in all of its « métiers d'art ».
One could see it as Vacheron’s will to have a maximum of co-workers involved, in order for everybody to be able to make their contribution to the collective work intended for Only Watch.

This dial, that features the colors of Monaco, is inspired by one of Maurits Cornelis Escher’s patterns, a Dutch painter known for his « paved » designs, especially those made with birds and fish.
These animals enable the paving to escape upwards or downwards, a way to integrate 3D into 2D, in the manner of non-Euclidean mathematics. Here, it is a dove, as it is a classic symbol for Hope.
The bird repeated in Escher’s style, opens towards infinity, like the bed-ridden child that dreams of discovering the world.

This dial called upon the main categories of artistic crafts from the « Maison de l’ île ».
First of all, the dial is hollowed (« email champlevé » technique) and engraved with the dove’s pattern, which are then enameled, with a translucent finish for the red, opaque for the white. After firing, one of the doves is set with diamonds. Finally, the most delicate stage takes place, the remaining doves are « hand-guillochées »
The slightest mistake would imply a complete restart, because with each phase there is an increasing risk of jeopardizing all previous work by one ill-timed gesture. Hence, it is a truly collaborative work that involves the entire artistic crafts team for the Only Watch charity auction.

This dial benefits from an unfailing art direction and from an astounding execution, it opens up on the world, and raises questions.
Above all, it enables Vacheron Constantin to sign an amazing timepiece for Only Watch, a piece which turned the heads of those who had the chance to take it into their own hands, with its subtle storytelling, finishes to die for. Unisex, it will equally make Mr. of Mrs. Collector happy.

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