PAM339 vs PAM232 the clash of greats predators.

I met Christian (CHGO) few weks ago, to try his PAM339, it was a year that I had not passed it on the wrist...

But it was a pretext, because 1 Paneristi, is a fierce beast. 2 Paneristis it is a horde, FEAR Geneva!

 When 2 large males meet each other, they evaluated themselves, eGorillas strike their chests, the Neapolitans Mastiff smells buttocks before tearing the jugulars, the Moose goring each other, Tigers fight, the Panerisitis leaving their Panerai (Grooaar) before attacking Geneva wise capital of the cheese and hidden funds. (of Neapolitans Mastiff)

 NB: I Do not be retouched at all colorimetry or light on photos, I simply cropped, to returnto you as closely as possible reflects of the composite.

PAM339 is a great achievement for Panerai, it is not eclipsed at all by the PAM375 for some reasons that jumpedto my eyes when I pass it again on the wrist:


The 375 appears monochromic, the reflections of sapphire attenuates the visibility on the index, and finally, one sees especially the dial almost of the same color than the case, but on this 339, contrast is important, the dial is constellated with indications in superb beige luminova, tritium-ages-like ,result, although it's the same basic color than the dial of the 375, it appears of a very different color because the repartition of this Luminova.
In addition, in the dial, badge 8 giornoni + MarinaMilitare, appears to me differently more horny than the “1950”.


Another pleasant surprise is that the watch is surprisingly thin for a watch that embeds the fat P.2002 (8mm high), I finally understood the wise technically employed by theOfficine to compress the thickness (in default of compress price):


Damn! The build is almost thin as the build of the 232! How did they do?

Answer here:


Finest analysts have noticed that the barrel (the part that holds the needle across the dial), is virtually non existent on the 339, then it is relatively high on the 232, in general,the « Rehaut » is much smaller on the 339.
Moreover, the case is slightly thicker at the bezel, the bezel subsenquetly as smaller diameter.
Another notable difference, the Index are smaller on the 339.
There was a lot of comments on the weight of this watch, it should weigh in the50-60grammes, a littleheavier than my AMVOX2 titanium, I must admit that the weight does not absolutely shocks me. The comfort is there, but the sensation remains.
(Bloody hell, it's very much better written than a press kits, isn't it?) 

Finally, the only default of this PAM339, is that the dial aperture seems thinner than the 232, and look smaller at wrist , in fact it opens and appears to be 45-46mm Radiomir, result she look like less wild the 232, it far less bestial aspect, instead a antediluvian construction machine teke place, at other levels of brightness, it loses its rusty Caterpillar side to become stelth as PAM292:

The only reproach that I make to this watch is finally to looss bestial side, for the benefit of the wise side compared to the initial themes(proto 8days Radiomir "Ferretti” right lugs) and with the obvious kid dream who looks at rusty bulldozers in industial waste land.
A little too wise, not bestial enough,notwithstanding it's a great success of the Officine in several points:

-This decline is accompanied bestiality greater portability wrist less fat.
-As most interesting Panerai, it is very versatile depending on the light.
-New surface-treatment with the result, if it does not replace the DLC, is better suited tothe idea that I'm excepting of a “vintagised” surface, so the composite for vintage-like casing, DLC for Betarini cases, it seems to me to be the right range formula.
-A well occupied dial, which avoids the pitfall of the monochromatic PAM375 dial.

But his real quality, in terms of collection-building and Paneristic interest is to be the first Panerai, where the product-management had fully understood the vintage codes, while succeeding in to override them with success , because the real strength of this watch (also the PAM382 and PAM375) is skillfully reinterpreting the codes of the past, the excercise, recurring in many areas,is of the most difficult, how many fail, making remakes,reinterpretations, for a Rage who singKick Of The Jam (original 60 'MC5) successfully how many American Idols kills in the tomb Nina Simone?
Reinterpret, override,respect strongs codes as these, requires a certain talent, this is the great strength of this watch and 2011 SIHH.

Thank you Christian! ;)

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