Pre-Baselworld 2011 – DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Tourbillon

The Twenty-8-Eight Tourbillon houses the second 100% Manufacture movement of DeWitt, the DW8014.

We like the unique connection DeWitt establishes between the client and the master watchmaker who entirely assembled, adjusted and tested, from A to Z. Indeed, a little plate, bearing the signature of the master watchmaker and placed on the barrel-bridge, witnesses the pride and affection put into the creation of each timepiece.
The dial of the Twenty-8-Eight Tourbillon is all about duality! On the upper part, a set of columns compose a very masculine and imposing Art Deco construction with a futuristic touch. It also sends us the image of the front of a powerful 1930’s steam engine. The lower part of the dial opens up into a large and beautiful circle symbolizing wholeness, the infinite nature of energy and... female power.
Intrigued by the semi-transparent grille that protects the tourbillon? All details to satisfy your curiosity on W!

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