SIHH 2011 – Montblanc

To continue the second timezone saga... 

Wristwatch chronographs with chronograph-seconds and minute-hands from the center of their dials were very popular in the 1970s, but they gradually declined.This rarity also heightens the interest of Montblanc to create its new Calibre MB LL100.

The chronograph elapsed seconds can be read on the quarter-seconds scale on the outermost periphery of the dial and the sixty-minute counter is positioned on its separate scale inside the hours-circle. This constellation makes the chronograph’s flyback function particularly attractive. If the user presses the button in the flank of the case at the “4” while the chronograph is running, both the central chronograph-hand and the sixty-minute counter quickly “fly back” to their zero positions and, without further action by the wearer, immediately begin measuring a new interval. This nearly instantaneous return to zero gave rise to the term “flyback.” The speedy homecoming is all the more spectacular when it is performed by two large and centrally axial hands, thus prompting its designers to give the new Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph the name “TwinFly.”
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