TAG Heuer: Master of Speed

As you have probably noticed during the Monte Carlo Historique (MCH)... TAG Heuer is the official timing partner of the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) and its events.

TAG Heuer concluded this partnership as part of its 2011 “Mastering Speed” commemoration, professional motorsports being its most famous source of inspiration for more than a century.
The agreement includes some of the most prestigious and glamorous races:

  • the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco,
  • the Monte Carlo Rally,
  • the Monte Carlo Historique Rally (hope you followed the Watchonicar!),
  • the Monaco Rally of Alternative Energies (you’ll maybe discover the green sister of the Watchonicar end of March...),
  • the Monaco Kart Cup.

“Mastering Speed” exhibition
TAG Heuer kicked off its 2011 “Mastering Speed” celebrations with a special exhibition of historic racecars and TAG Heuer timepieces in Geneva last January.

The “Mastering Speed” exhibition showcases ten cars that have made an indelible mark in the motor racing history of TAG Heuer and in international motorsport in general. These include those driven by the brand’s racing ambassadors, including:

  • Juan Manuel Fangio’s Mercedes W196,
  • Clay Regazzoni's Ferrari F1 312 B3,
  • the World Champions McLarens F1 cars of Ayrton Senna, Mika Hakkinen and Lewis Hamilton,
  • the Audi R15+ TDI winner of Le Mans 24 Hours.

Also in the show are iconic TAG Heuer timepieces and chronographs directly inspired by motor racing: the Monaco, the Silverstone, the Carrera, and the Monza.

The "Mastering Speed" exhibition will tour other cities in 2011. Link to TAG Heuer on Watchonista to find more about this motor racing’ celebration!

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