Blancpain Le Brassus Carrousel Volant 1 Minute

« The Carrousel 20 years later ». « The Carrousel II the revenge ». « The Carrousel, the return ». It sounds like action movies.
Nonetheless, Blancpain delivers a very serious watch.

This watch is intended to close, through a technical demonstration, a polemic born 20 years ago, when Blancpain presented the Tourbillon with an off-centered cage.

Final results of Only Watch auction.

This is the final results of the Only Watch Auction 2011. To have a better understanding of this final bids, we have linked the pics or the article (name of the watch in bold).
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[Only Watch] BLU Gagarin Flying Tourbillon

At first glance, the piece presented by BLU (Bernhard Lederer Universe) is not linked to the theme of Only Watch, that is Monaco and childhood.

[Only Watch] Breguet Réveil Musical Castle in the Sky

When the Watchonista team went to Monaco to attend the warm-up of Only Watch, the Breguet was the least revealing on the press photos.

[BaselWorld] DeWitt 2011 novelties.

The brand is seldom accounted for on the horologic forums, it simply doesn’t generate enough buzz
With its polished look, traditional appearance from a distance, discreet in terms of communication, nobody really talks about De Witt .

Antiquorum: Last Auction Hero.

In our series of reports about the Geneva auction week, here is a subject about Antiquorum, a selection of the most interesting pieces in different categories: modern, vintage, rare, horological & collectibles.

[Pre - BaselWorld] Zénith Colomb the Anti-Tourbillon

The Zenith Columbus. The great complication embeded was completely wasted by the smokin' communication of Nataf. He claimed noisily, that is was a tourbillon.

Nothing is further far from truth, this caliber is the anti-tourbillon!

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