Harry Winston: Histoire de Tourbillon 3

No machine on Earth demonstrates time quite like the tourbillon. Indeed it could be the most sophisticated physical depiction of an abstract notion ever developed by man.

This hypnotic, rotating and oscillating mechanical world reveals multiple facets of time: its unfailing regularity, its intricacy, its inevitability and a culture oftime measurement as old as humanity.

Final results of Only Watch auction.

This is the final results of the Only Watch Auction 2011. To have a better understanding of this final bids, we have linked the pics or the article (name of the watch in bold).
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[Only Watch] Harry Winston GMT Tourbillon

On the occasion of Only Watch, Harry Winston remains conservative.
When one could have expected a customized Opus XI, Harry Winston presents a neo-classical watch, which stands at the junction of multiple lines.
It is a «Midnight» that revisits the movement of the Z5.

[BaselWorld] Opus XI Harry Winston, Time Bomb.

Considering the environment of crisis, it would have been more logical that BaselWorld had been poorer than the SIHH, but paradoxically, one assisted on the exact opposite event - an exciting BaselWorld - multicolored, wooow, a watchmaking full of creative explosions. While the SIHH would have sunk in the abysses of annoy without the excellent tribute of Panerai.

[BaselWorld] Opus XI Harry Winston, Time Bomb.

Paradoxalement, alors qu'il serait plus logique que BaselWorld, vu l'ambiance de crise, soit plus médiocre que le SIHH, on a assisté à l'inverse, un Basel explosif, multicolore, whaouh, horloger, une explosion créative.
Alors que le SIHH, aurait sombré dans les abîmes de l'ennuie dans sans l'excellente prestation de Panerai.

Agenhor, search for consistency, Part 2/2


Agenhor works with many houses, I obviously cannot mention all of them, they prefers to claim to the in-house manufacture, but some have the courage of the transparency, for example:


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