[Only Watch] BLU Gagarin Flying Tourbillon

At first glance, the piece presented by BLU (Bernhard Lederer Universe) is not linked to the theme of Only Watch, that is Monaco and childhood.

[BaselWorld] Loiseau 1F4 "Back to the future"

«Loiseau, Back to the future»

Contrarily to my habits, I quote the press-kit title literally, as it seems to me to suit perfectly the underlying concept of this new independant brand.

On the WatchOnista database:

[BaselWorld] DeWitt 2011 novelties.

The brand is seldom accounted for on the horologic forums, it simply doesn’t generate enough buzz
With its polished look, traditional appearance from a distance, discreet in terms of communication, nobody really talks about De Witt .

[BaselWorld] Nouveautés DeWitt 2011.

Marque peu présente dans les forums horlogers, car elle n’y remplissait pas les critères habituels aptes à créer le « buzz » auprès de cette audience, De Witt renverse méthodiquement la vapeur. Premièrement en renforçant la bien facture ainsi que l’identité propre des modèles et deuxièmement par une communication contemporaine intégrant l’échange avec les prospects ainsi que le suivi des clients.

The wedding of the year: The watch of William of England.

Kate thinking:
"What did my boyfriend wear as watch??"
"My God (and he willn't save the queen), he wear a watch of villein"

Pre-Baselworld 2011 - Omega

Omega has created a special model of its De Ville collection – the Hour Vision Blue –
in support of ORBIS International’s fight against preventable blindness. 

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