Final results of Only Watch auction.

This is the final results of the Only Watch Auction 2011. To have a better understanding of this final bids, we have linked the pics or the article (name of the watch in bold).
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[Only Watch] Richard Mille RM 027 NADAL

In the manner of Patek Philippe, Richard Mille chose a different path than the ideal customized themes (Childhood, Monaco).

[BaselWorld] Blacksand Night & Day.

The segment of the high end fashionable watch, the sector that constituted the pillars of the commercial rebirth of watchmaking in the 2000’s, is saturated.
When watchmakers so rare, as Richard Mille, produce only high quality watches, many others also rushed into a segment where the profits are important and where the customers are not the most concerned about the horologic contents of their purchases.

[BaselWorld] Hublot 2011 Big Bang All Stars

We see the personality and strategy of the most famous CEO shine through the products their companies manufacture.
The «Basel 2011» from Hublot is a good example of this concept.
If the chief motto in watch-making could be «Less is more», Biver’s would undoubtedly be «More is more».

[BaselWorld] Nouveautés DeWitt 2011.

Marque peu présente dans les forums horlogers, car elle n’y remplissait pas les critères habituels aptes à créer le « buzz » auprès de cette audience, De Witt renverse méthodiquement la vapeur. Premièrement en renforçant la bien facture ainsi que l’identité propre des modèles et deuxièmement par une communication contemporaine intégrant l’échange avec les prospects ainsi que le suivi des clients.

[Baselworld] De Bethune, future experimental.

I was quite astonished by the presence of De Bethune at Basel World, they launched plenty novelties during the WonderWeek of Geneva and thus I supposed that De Bethune was simply going to represent the same timepieces…

Anyway, I didn’t mean to be mean, once again they just surprised me. Overall one could expect DB28Tourbillon, even the DB25QP, but the DBM was acomplete breath-taker.

[BaselWorld] De Béthune, futur expérimental.

J'étais relativement étonné de la présence de De Béthune à BaselWolrd, en effet, les sorties étaient tellement nombreuses pendant la WonderWeek Genèvoise que je présumais que De Béthune allait simplement représenter les mêmes pièces...

[BaselWorld-GTE] Heritage watch manufacture.

An improbable encounter.

Some duets can be so full of creativity and bright ideas that one would believe that the duettists met each other at the childbearing center. I think of Renaud& Papi, Greubel& Forsey, Chip&Dale or Nicolas Sarkozy and his discrete shoe-heels.

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