[Only Watch] De Bethune DB25

I have heard that waiting is the antechamber of desire. With this DB25 08-01-1297, it is the overdose of desire.

Presented among the group of the 20 first Only Watches, all of those who contemplated it went nuts right at the first second.

[Only Watch] Vacheron Constantin perspectives d’art

There are obvious timepieces for this Only Watch auction, and there are subtle ones, watches that take time to appreciate and comment upon.

[Only Watch] Chopard L.U.C Engine One Tourbillon

Tributes paid to the automotive industry are predominant in Chopard’s horologic themes. If vintage cars are honored in many collections, notably the «Mille Miglia», modern sports cars also have a dedicated watch, the Chopard «L.U.C Engine One Tourbillon».

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[Only Watch] Harry Winston GMT Tourbillon

On the occasion of Only Watch, Harry Winston remains conservative.
When one could have expected a customized Opus XI, Harry Winston presents a neo-classical watch, which stands at the junction of multiple lines.
It is a «Midnight» that revisits the movement of the Z5.

[Only Watch] Cyrus Klepcys amazing display

Cyrus is the name (Cyrus II in fact) of the conqueror of Babylon during the 5th century BC. Cyrus II, seeing the cultural and technical treasures of the ancient Babylon, decided not to burn the city (Babylonians, probably discovered the use of low voltage electricity for electrolysis, aka «Baghdad battery»).
He even offers a new development to the city by promoting commercial exchanges through money, a newly created concept that also facilitated tax collection…

[Only Watch] Van Cleef From the Earth to the Moon

The «Voyages Extraordinaires» by Van Cleef & Arpels, is one of the most subtle and refreshing storytelling of these last years.
A full French response to a certain horological presumptuousness.

[Only Watch] Richard Mille RM 027 NADAL

In the manner of Patek Philippe, Richard Mille chose a different path than the ideal customized themes (Childhood, Monaco).

[Only Watch] BLU Gagarin Flying Tourbillon

At first glance, the piece presented by BLU (Bernhard Lederer Universe) is not linked to the theme of Only Watch, that is Monaco and childhood.

[Only Watch 2011] Tag Heuer Mikrograph "Monaco"

The charity auction Only Watch, to benefit the children affected by muscular diseases, represents an important challenge for Tag:

[Only Watch] Patek Philippe 3939

At first glance, apart from its black enameled dial, there is no difference between the Patek 3939 Only Watch and the «serial» model.
If ever one can talk of «series» when referring to one of the most iconic Patek from the post-quartz-crisis-era.

[Only Watch] Breguet Réveil Musical Castle in the Sky

When the Watchonista team went to Monaco to attend the warm-up of Only Watch, the Breguet was the least revealing on the press photos.

[Only Watch] IKEPOD Hourglass by Marc Newson

In the quartz era, or even of the atomic clocks, our dear old mechanical watches seem to make no sense: they are inaccurate, costly to maintain, expensive to build, to tune, and to develop.
Because unfortunately, the hand of the greatest master watchmaker will never achieve the accuracy of the cheapest of the lasers used to engrave microprocessors.

However, the success of mechanical watchmaking was never bigger. Why?

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