De Béthune 2011 novelties - DB28 Part 2/2

About comfort at wrist, it is unavoidable to talk about the DB28,the contrast between the non-sensation of the watch (du to is ultra lightweight full titanium case), the Ufological visual is very destabilizing.

No less than 4 differents versions of DB28 for the first official presentation!

De Béthune 2011 novelties - DB25T Part 1/2

I intended to return to the mountains to make the second part of my reporting on De Bethune’s design …
Few weeks ago, Alessandro told me "We are short time," and it was for good reason. No lies … Only huge stuff!

Panerai SIHH 2011, the Apogee. Part 1/2

Well, as we're all adults (as much as can being Paneristis) and agreeing, I am going to write the article back to front, the conclusion, then the points of details. So the conclusion comes obiously.

It's been 9 months that I am hidden in my cave, in mountains, on the heights of Palexpo.
That I guess, that I suppose, that I watch this SIHH.

That made a while since I spread you ears, with my theory about the golden age of Panerai, I feel good that some were septic, even dubidative (I don't dare to say hostile).

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