[BaselWorld] Loiseau 1F4 "Back to the future"

«Loiseau, Back to the future»

Contrarily to my habits, I quote the press-kit title literally, as it seems to me to suit perfectly the underlying concept of this new independant brand.

On the WatchOnista database:

[BaselWorld] De Monaco: The Princely Surprise.

Recently, I spoke to Patrizia Ameli who works for Ateliers De Monaco and who made me come back to this watch brand, which I observed from the distance, dissuaded by a non-Swiss name, I frankly had not paid attention enough to it.

Having crossed Patrizia at BaselWorld made me visit the booth of De Monaco, with blow of “Mawashi-Geri”, 8 teeth spit; I had one of the biggest surprises of the entire exhibition.

[BaselWorld] Angular Momentum.

Small is beautiful?

Vu le contexte de ma rencontre avec Martin Pauli à Basel, la question se pose objectivement, plus les stand sont petits, et plus statistiquement les montres sont intéressantes, CF les mini-stand du palace, qui recèles de trésors d'inventivité et de technique, en vrac, Loiseau, MB&F, De Béthune, Heritage Watch Manufactory, etc...

[BaselWorld-GTE] Heritage watch manufacture.

An improbable encounter.

Some duets can be so full of creativity and bright ideas that one would believe that the duettists met each other at the childbearing center. I think of Renaud& Papi, Greubel& Forsey, Chip&Dale or Nicolas Sarkozy and his discrete shoe-heels.

[BaselWorld] Opus XI Harry Winston, Time Bomb.

Considering the environment of crisis, it would have been more logical that BaselWorld had been poorer than the SIHH, but paradoxically, one assisted on the exact opposite event - an exciting BaselWorld - multicolored, wooow, a watchmaking full of creative explosions. While the SIHH would have sunk in the abysses of annoy without the excellent tribute of Panerai.

[BaselWorld] Opus XI Harry Winston, Time Bomb.

Paradoxalement, alors qu'il serait plus logique que BaselWorld, vu l'ambiance de crise, soit plus médiocre que le SIHH, on a assisté à l'inverse, un Basel explosif, multicolore, whaouh, horloger, une explosion créative.
Alors que le SIHH, aurait sombré dans les abîmes de l'ennuie dans sans l'excellente prestation de Panerai.

[BaselWorld] De Monaco: La Surprise Princière

Patrizia Ameli m'avait relancé depuis quelques semaines au sujet de De Monaco, d'un œil distrait, dissuadé par un nom non Helvétique, je n'y avais pas assez prêté attention.
Ayant croisé Patrizia à BaselWorld, elle me fit venir sur le stand De Monaco, à coup de « Mawashi-Geri », huits dents craché, j'eu une des surprises du salon.

[BaselWorld-GTE] Heritage Watch Manufactory.

L'improbable rencontre

Il y à des duo, qui coulent tellement de source, que l'on pense que les duettistes se sont rencontrés à la maternité.
Je pense à Renaud&Papi, Greubel&Forsey, Tic&Tac ou encore Nicolas Sarkozy et les talonnettes.


SIHH Panerai 2011, l'apogée. Part 2/2


La 345, dernière SL. Sachant que Panerai est une marque de niche, on est ici sur une montre de micro niche, dites niche de Chihuahua, tant les caractéristiques rares se recoupent dans ce modèle.

Gauchère, chrono titane, pas RdM linéaire, mais au dos, une nouveauté sur un P.200X (2004.9 , en l'occurrence), saphir plat, son gros défaut, pour une montre relativement couteuse...


Panerai SIHH 2011, the Apogee. Part 2/2


The 345, last LE. Knowing that Panerai is a niche brand, we are here on a microniche, say Chihuahua's niche, so much the rares features overlap in this model.
Left-handed, chrono titanium PR not linear, but on the back, a novelty for a P.200X(2004.9, in this case), his biggest problem, a flat sapphire, almost cheap for this relatively expensive watch ...


Panerai SIHH 2011, the Apogee. Part 1/2

Well, as we're all adults (as much as can being Paneristis) and agreeing, I am going to write the article back to front, the conclusion, then the points of details. So the conclusion comes obiously.

It's been 9 months that I am hidden in my cave, in mountains, on the heights of Palexpo.
That I guess, that I suppose, that I watch this SIHH.

That made a while since I spread you ears, with my theory about the golden age of Panerai, I feel good that some were septic, even dubidative (I don't dare to say hostile).

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