MB&F HM3 Rebel, new paradigme.

Today it uses the word paradigm in all circumstance. Me first!

Sometimes intensive use, but frequently justified as technology revolutionizes today more that cultures or social organizations.

This word paradigm, applies perfectly how the net has literally revolutionized the Maghreb countries, all the decades are socially agitated by riots in these countries, riots, crushed in blood , the mainstreams medias are throwing a discreet veil.

The net thus creating a new paradigm.

In the same manner, today Max Busser revolutionizes the watchmaking communication, and imposes a three dimensional paradigm of time reading with the unbelievable HM3.

SIHH 2011 Van Cleef & Arpels. Version intégrale.

A mesure que j'écris je m'éloigne de plus en plus des rives du reporting "objectif" pour aller voguer sur les étincelantes mers du journalisme gonzo.
Déjà, parce que l'objectivité est un leurre, ensuite, parce que le gonzo, c'est l'aventure, et l'aventure c'est l'aventure.
Je vous fait cette remarque, parce que cet article va être traité quasi-exclusivement au delà de la technique (from beyond, quoi!):

MB&F HM3 Rebel, nouveau paradigme.

Aujourd'hui on emploie le mot Paradigme à tort et à travers. Moi le premier!
Utilisation parfois intensive abusive, mais souvent justifié, tant la technologie révolutionne aujourd'hui bien plus que les cultures ou les organisations sociales.

SIHH Van Cleef & Arpels 2011, Part 2/2

During the trip in balloon, it goes through Africa and the Arctic is the subject of the following two cases for women, I was particularly moved by this issue, and I found it particularly clever.

Agenhor, search for consistency, Part 2/2


Agenhor works with many houses, I obviously cannot mention all of them, they prefers to claim to the in-house manufacture, but some have the courage of the transparency, for example:


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