All about Monday, from Valencia and back!

Good morning all!
Monday was planned as not easy but a simple rally day with four “Spéciales” on dry roads tailor-made for the masters of the regulation tests...

All about Sunday, from Monaco to Valencia!

Good morning all!
A few words about our Sunday. We ended ranking 35th in the overall ranking!

What is a regularity test?

Saturday night ended the concentration test in Monaco. After a 20-hour drive, the car performed well despite a weakness with the second gear and rough rain tightness...

Live from the Watchonicar, on the way to Valencia

A message from Nicolas, live from the Watchonica (NB: to reassure our readers: Nicolas is the co-driver today...).

Let the rally starts! Today, Monaco-Valencia

Nicolas, Hugo and their MGB nicknamed the "Watchonicar" letft this morning for Valencia.

Latest report of the MCH' first leg!

Arrived in Monaco without any problem. Raining in Monte Carlo after a freezing night.

The importance of choosing the right car for the MCH!

The Monte Carlo Historique (MCH) is unique as it has kept its concentration test and takes place at the beginning of the year, in full winter... important factor when driving a vintage car. In fact, winter conditions add one more constraint when choosing a car for the MCH.

Monte Carlo Historic - the first rally leg

Driving a MG type B of 1965, Nicolas and Hugo will start the rally with what is called a ‘concentration leg’ from Reims to Monaco (1’260km).

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