[Only Watch] Cyrus Klepcys amazing display

Cyrus is the name (Cyrus II in fact) of the conqueror of Babylon during the 5th century BC. Cyrus II, seeing the cultural and technical treasures of the ancient Babylon, decided not to burn the city (Babylonians, probably discovered the use of low voltage electricity for electrolysis, aka «Baghdad battery»).
He even offers a new development to the city by promoting commercial exchanges through money, a newly created concept that also facilitated tax collection…

[Only Watch] Van Cleef From the Earth to the Moon

The «Voyages Extraordinaires» by Van Cleef & Arpels, is one of the most subtle and refreshing storytelling of these last years.
A full French response to a certain horological presumptuousness.

[BaselWorld] Sinn, is not sinful.

BaselWorld, the SIHH, the diverse horologic events, it’s a luxury fair, a debauchery of logistics, the superlative as a norm, the profit margins are as ample as the physical attributes of the hostesses, we are far from the industrial rigidity of areas such as information technology or mass market automotive.
However, a brand does its utmost to slash prices, to set the cat among the pigeons of the Helvetian horology, to practice Teutonic hard discount in the middle of the Swiss deli.

[BaselWorld-GTE] Heritage watch manufacture.

An improbable encounter.

Some duets can be so full of creativity and bright ideas that one would believe that the duettists met each other at the childbearing center. I think of Renaud& Papi, Greubel& Forsey, Chip&Dale or Nicolas Sarkozy and his discrete shoe-heels.

[BaselWorld] Patek 2011 novelties, live pics.

There are the big movie festivals like Césars, Cannes or the very small ones i.e.Cognac or Sundance.
Here I come to attend the Oscars. Quite simply. The stars, spangles, flashes awaking epilepsy, and luxury before all.
Patek Philippe. I walk out with my traditional Zegna tie, but especially with plenty of photographs of so much awaited Patek Philippe hot watch news.

[BaselWorld] Opus XI Harry Winston, Time Bomb.

Considering the environment of crisis, it would have been more logical that BaselWorld had been poorer than the SIHH, but paradoxically, one assisted on the exact opposite event - an exciting BaselWorld - multicolored, wooow, a watchmaking full of creative explosions. While the SIHH would have sunk in the abysses of annoy without the excellent tribute of Panerai.

[BaselWorld] Opus XI Harry Winston, Time Bomb.

Paradoxalement, alors qu'il serait plus logique que BaselWorld, vu l'ambiance de crise, soit plus médiocre que le SIHH, on a assisté à l'inverse, un Basel explosif, multicolore, whaouh, horloger, une explosion créative.
Alors que le SIHH, aurait sombré dans les abîmes de l'ennuie dans sans l'excellente prestation de Panerai.

[BaselWorld] Sinn, ce n'est pas péché.

BaselWorld, le SIHH, les événements horlogers divers, c'est la foire du luxe, la débauche logistique, le superlatif comme norme, les marges sont aussi opulentes que les attributs des hôtesses, on est loin de la rigueur industrielle de secteurs comme le hardware informatique ou l'automobile grand public.

[BaselWorld-GTE] Heritage Watch Manufactory.

L'improbable rencontre

Il y à des duo, qui coulent tellement de source, que l'on pense que les duettistes se sont rencontrés à la maternité.
Je pense à Renaud&Papi, Greubel&Forsey, Tic&Tac ou encore Nicolas Sarkozy et les talonnettes.


Nouveautés Patek Bâle 2011, Patek Noveties 2011.

En cinéma, il y à les grands festivals, les Césars, Cannes, les petits festivals, Cognac, Sundance.
Là je viens d'assister aux Oscars. Tout simplement. Les stars, les paillettes, les flashs à rendre épileptique, le luxe.

Le festival de Patek Philippe, je repart avec la traditionnel cravate Zegna, mais surtout avec un live report des tant attendus nouveautés Patek Philippe 2011.


SIHH 2011 Van Cleef & Arpels. Version intégrale.

A mesure que j'écris je m'éloigne de plus en plus des rives du reporting "objectif" pour aller voguer sur les étincelantes mers du journalisme gonzo.
Déjà, parce que l'objectivité est un leurre, ensuite, parce que le gonzo, c'est l'aventure, et l'aventure c'est l'aventure.
Je vous fait cette remarque, parce que cet article va être traité quasi-exclusivement au delà de la technique (from beyond, quoi!):

PAM339 vs PAM232 the clash of greats predators.

I met Christian (CHGO) few weks ago, to try his PAM339, it was a year that I had not passed it on the wrist...

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