Harry Winston: Histoire de Tourbillon 3

No machine on Earth demonstrates time quite like the tourbillon. Indeed it could be the most sophisticated physical depiction of an abstract notion ever developed by man.

This hypnotic, rotating and oscillating mechanical world reveals multiple facets of time: its unfailing regularity, its intricacy, its inevitability and a culture oftime measurement as old as humanity.

Blancpain Le Brassus Carrousel Volant 1 Minute

« The Carrousel 20 years later ». « The Carrousel II the revenge ». « The Carrousel, the return ». It sounds like action movies.
Nonetheless, Blancpain delivers a very serious watch.

This watch is intended to close, through a technical demonstration, a polemic born 20 years ago, when Blancpain presented the Tourbillon with an off-centered cage.

Final results of Only Watch auction.

This is the final results of the Only Watch Auction 2011. To have a better understanding of this final bids, we have linked the pics or the article (name of the watch in bold).
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[Only Watch] De Bethune DB25

I have heard that waiting is the antechamber of desire. With this DB25 08-01-1297, it is the overdose of desire.

Presented among the group of the 20 first Only Watches, all of those who contemplated it went nuts right at the first second.

[Only Watch] Chopard L.U.C Engine One Tourbillon

Tributes paid to the automotive industry are predominant in Chopard’s horologic themes. If vintage cars are honored in many collections, notably the «Mille Miglia», modern sports cars also have a dedicated watch, the Chopard «L.U.C Engine One Tourbillon».

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[Only Watch] Harry Winston GMT Tourbillon

On the occasion of Only Watch, Harry Winston remains conservative.
When one could have expected a customized Opus XI, Harry Winston presents a neo-classical watch, which stands at the junction of multiple lines.
It is a «Midnight» that revisits the movement of the Z5.

[Only Watch] Richard Mille RM 027 NADAL

In the manner of Patek Philippe, Richard Mille chose a different path than the ideal customized themes (Childhood, Monaco).

[Only Watch] BLU Gagarin Flying Tourbillon

At first glance, the piece presented by BLU (Bernhard Lederer Universe) is not linked to the theme of Only Watch, that is Monaco and childhood.

[Only Watch] Patek Philippe 3939

At first glance, apart from its black enameled dial, there is no difference between the Patek 3939 Only Watch and the «serial» model.
If ever one can talk of «series» when referring to one of the most iconic Patek from the post-quartz-crisis-era.

[Only Watch 2011] Bovet Tourbillon Dragon & Phenix

This year for Only Watch, Bovet presents a unique piece, based on the movement of the Amadeo «Fleurier Tourbillon 44mm».
The concept of the Amadeo features a case that can be disconnected from its lugs, so that it can be used either as a pocketwatch or as a travel watch.
Thanks to modern technologies, the Amadeo pays an actual and important tribute to pocketwatches.
It is the archetype of a timeless concept, in the way it enables us to go back to the pocketwatch paradigm at any moment.

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Manufacture Royale, the new Androgyne.

During numerous meetings organized at the Ferney-Voltaire castle or elsewhere, some watch lovers, collectors and journalists have been able to discover more than a watch, a concept.

[BaselWorld] Loiseau 1F4 "Back to the future"

«Loiseau, Back to the future»

Contrarily to my habits, I quote the press-kit title literally, as it seems to me to suit perfectly the underlying concept of this new independant brand.

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