Final results of Only Watch auction.

This is the final results of the Only Watch Auction 2011. To have a better understanding of this final bids, we have linked the pics or the article (name of the watch in bold).
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[Only Watch] Vacheron Constantin perspectives d’art

There are obvious timepieces for this Only Watch auction, and there are subtle ones, watches that take time to appreciate and comment upon.

[BaselWorld] Blacksand. Uniformity

Le secteur de la montre «fashion» haut de gamme, qui a constitué un des piliers du renouveau commercial de l'horlogerie des années 2000, est saturé.

Christie's auction of may 16. Sci-fi watches and bids.

This report was realized on May Friday 13, 3 days before the auction, in Geneva.
We had chosen the watches by interest, and were trying to keep variety, between the brands, the modern and the vintage, the sport and the dressed, of this selection:

LOT 19, a crazy Rolex 6542 GMT, 38mm, SS case, Used Bakelit bezel, tropical burned dial by the radium and the sun... The dial is amazing, the GMT hand is weird...
And we are in the absolute myth of the Rolex GMT. The watch has been retired before the sale...

The wedding of the year: The watch of William of England.

Kate thinking:
"What did my boyfriend wear as watch??"
"My God (and he willn't save the queen), he wear a watch of villein"

[BaselWorld] De Monaco: The Princely Surprise.

Recently, I spoke to Patrizia Ameli who works for Ateliers De Monaco and who made me come back to this watch brand, which I observed from the distance, dissuaded by a non-Swiss name, I frankly had not paid attention enough to it.

Having crossed Patrizia at BaselWorld made me visit the booth of De Monaco, with blow of “Mawashi-Geri”, 8 teeth spit; I had one of the biggest surprises of the entire exhibition.

[BaselWorld-GTE] Heritage watch manufacture.

An improbable encounter.

Some duets can be so full of creativity and bright ideas that one would believe that the duettists met each other at the childbearing center. I think of Renaud& Papi, Greubel& Forsey, Chip&Dale or Nicolas Sarkozy and his discrete shoe-heels.

[BaselWorld] Patek 2011 novelties, live pics.

There are the big movie festivals like Césars, Cannes or the very small ones i.e.Cognac or Sundance.
Here I come to attend the Oscars. Quite simply. The stars, spangles, flashes awaking epilepsy, and luxury before all.
Patek Philippe. I walk out with my traditional Zegna tie, but especially with plenty of photographs of so much awaited Patek Philippe hot watch news.

[BaselWorld] De Monaco: La Surprise Princière

Patrizia Ameli m'avait relancé depuis quelques semaines au sujet de De Monaco, d'un œil distrait, dissuadé par un nom non Helvétique, je n'y avais pas assez prêté attention.
Ayant croisé Patrizia à BaselWorld, elle me fit venir sur le stand De Monaco, à coup de « Mawashi-Geri », huits dents craché, j'eu une des surprises du salon.

[BaselWolrd] Glashütte Original, 70' fever.

J'étais impatient, après 2 années de festival chez Glashütte Original (PanoInverse, Céramique, Chrono Sixties, Panomatic Counter, le Marine Chronometer), de découvrir les nouveautés de GO.

[BaselWorld-GTE] Heritage Watch Manufactory.

L'improbable rencontre

Il y à des duo, qui coulent tellement de source, que l'on pense que les duettistes se sont rencontrés à la maternité.
Je pense à Renaud&Papi, Greubel&Forsey, Tic&Tac ou encore Nicolas Sarkozy et les talonnettes.


Nouveautés Patek Bâle 2011, Patek Noveties 2011.

En cinéma, il y à les grands festivals, les Césars, Cannes, les petits festivals, Cognac, Sundance.
Là je viens d'assister aux Oscars. Tout simplement. Les stars, les paillettes, les flashs à rendre épileptique, le luxe.

Le festival de Patek Philippe, je repart avec la traditionnel cravate Zegna, mais surtout avec un live report des tant attendus nouveautés Patek Philippe 2011.


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