Manufacture Royale, the new Androgyne.

During numerous meetings organized at the Ferney-Voltaire castle or elsewhere, some watch lovers, collectors and journalists have been able to discover more than a watch, a concept.

7750 History & All official references.

The Valjoux 7750 (Valjoux= Vallée de Joux) is the most famous caliber, the most prevalent automatic chrono in Swiss watchmaking.
Sometimes compared to the Kalashnikov , because of its hardiness, its reliability, the number of its variations and of its low cost.

In 1969, Zenith presents the first automatic chronograph, the «El Primero», and even though the threat of quartz starts to hover, the announcement has the effect of a sensation. The competitive version of micro-rotor automatic chrono from Heuer/Breitling/Buren is not yet ready for the market…

[BaselWorld] Blacksand Night & Day.

The segment of the high end fashionable watch, the sector that constituted the pillars of the commercial rebirth of watchmaking in the 2000’s, is saturated.
When watchmakers so rare, as Richard Mille, produce only high quality watches, many others also rushed into a segment where the profits are important and where the customers are not the most concerned about the horologic contents of their purchases.

[BaselWorld] Loiseau 1F4 "Back to the future"

«Loiseau, Back to the future»

Contrarily to my habits, I quote the press-kit title literally, as it seems to me to suit perfectly the underlying concept of this new independant brand.

On the WatchOnista database:

[BaselWorld] Hublot 2011 Big Bang All Stars

We see the personality and strategy of the most famous CEO shine through the products their companies manufacture.
The «Basel 2011» from Hublot is a good example of this concept.
If the chief motto in watch-making could be «Less is more», Biver’s would undoubtedly be «More is more».

[BaselWorld 2010] Corum for wait the report on 2011.

I'am currently writing the article about the Corum BaselWorld 2011, to wait, remember 2010:  

You can comment this article on the WForum:


I was welcomed by Corum at Basel.

The major novelty (by any means) is the “Diver”, 1000m, titanium, I find it is a very fine piece, and even the overly wide inter-lug of 24mm is compensated by the great design of the case.

Watchonista @ Silverstone! Blancpain Super Trofeo.

Full report (76 pics!!) of Alex on the WForum:

A little prewiew:

[BaselWorld] Sinn, is not sinful.

BaselWorld, the SIHH, the diverse horologic events, it’s a luxury fair, a debauchery of logistics, the superlative as a norm, the profit margins are as ample as the physical attributes of the hostesses, we are far from the industrial rigidity of areas such as information technology or mass market automotive.
However, a brand does its utmost to slash prices, to set the cat among the pigeons of the Helvetian horology, to practice Teutonic hard discount in the middle of the Swiss deli.

[Exclusivity] New Mille Miglia Chopard:

or more than twenty years, the « Mille Miglia » race has been the flagship of numerous partnerships held between horology and motorsports.

[Only Watch] First lives pics, comments and report.

Alex&Marco have made for us a preview report of the Only Watch auction of the Foundation Duchenne for childhood muscular disease.

The WatchO team make a join venture with Worldtempus, David, Louis Nardin and Alex:

At “Only Watch charity auction”, there are two main ways of thinking the “Only Watch”.

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