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In combining a social network of likeminded individuals with a specialized search engines Watchonista is creating an entertaining, enriching and unparalleled online watch world.

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It’s time: Watchonista provides online solutions for watch enthusiasts

The site revolves around the precision, beauty and sophistication of watches and caters to the needs of each and every user, from curious new explorers to invited expert collectors. Mirroring the meticulous precision of a clock smith, Watchonista attends to every detail of the user experience with rigorous attention.

While the watch brands and their collections provide the primary site content, users can build their own virtual collections, share preferences, connect to users with similar tastes, exchange knowledge, and follow their favorite brands.

Watchonista’s search functionality, sharing applications and discussion utilities are developed according to the counsel and recommendations of various watch connoisseurs. As a result, the tools satisfy collectors concerns while also offering clear solutions to those looking for greater simplicity.

Beating the clock: the inspiration

Watchonista is the product of an intellectual and artistic collaboration between watch collectors and web passionate. Unsatisfied with the quality and complexity of watch information available on the internet and alarmed by the constant propagation of replicas, they saw the need for a reliable platform where watch enthusiasts could meet. The solution was a neutral space with effective applications, stimulating content and accessible communication tools for watch lovers.

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